How to Prevent Clogs in Your Drain

You never think of your drains until they clog. And when they do, you are left with a headache that is both annoying and potentially costly to fix. That’s why we wanted to share our five best tips on making sure your drains keep flowing without interruption. 

1. Don’t put oil or grease down your drain

Pour all grease and oil into a separate container and dispose of it in the trash. Grease and oil won’t mix with water, but they will stick to the inside of your pipes. That means deposits can build up over time and clog your drain. By properly disposing of these fats, you not only prevent a clogged drain, you also make your kitchen more eco-friendly by avoiding the need for harsh plumbing chemicals!

2. Use a drain screen

A drain screen will help keep food scraps and other pipe-clogging debris out of your drain. Drain obstructions can start with tiny scraps of food that are easy to miss in a sink full of dirty dishes. But once that small scrap sticks to the wall of a pipe (maybe stuck into some of that grease we just talked about) it can quickly attract more debris and clog your drain. A drain screen solves this problem. Just be sure to clean it regularly!

3. Keep food scraps out of the sink

Scrape food waste directly into the trash (or a compost bin!). This helps minimize the amount of oil that gets into your pipes and it will make your drain screen’s job easier. Throwing away food scraps before you soak your dishes will ensure that no large pieces of pipe-blocking debris will sneak past your drain screens. 

4. Only flush toilet paper (No, not even “flushable” wipes!)

Don’t be fooled by sneaky ad campaigns! “Flushable” wipes might technically pass the drain of your toilet, but they don’t dissolve like regular toilet paper. If it gets stuck along the way, it will not break down over time and you can be stuck with some serious damage. Instead, stick to good old-fashioned toilet paper. 

5. Run hot water regularly

Sometimes the best advice is the most simple. By routinely running hot water down your drains (outside of normal bath or dishwashing times) you help keep clogs at bay. The hot water does a good job of softening any grease that is beginning to stick to your pipe walls, slowing and preventing buildup. 

An Ounce of Prevention…

At JW Freeman, we have the tools and the expertise to solve any clog you might run into, but that doesn’t mean we want it to happen to you! Instead, we’d much rather you take these simple tips to heart and prevent clogged drains long before they happen. But if a clogged drain does sneak up on you, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll get your drain flowing again in no time!

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