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Repipes are our specialty, and we take pride in our work. We always strap lines properly, and do not cut corners in unseen places like your attic or under your house. All plumbing work will be up to, or exceed, current city and county codes.


We ensure that everything is up to the current plumbing codes and standards and use only brass valves for everything (instead of plastic valves), including the main shutoff valve. This ensures that your plumbing stays solid for years to come. We never cut corners and always have experienced, seasoned local plumbers on every job site.

We run your new plumbing system separately from your old system and only switch it to the new system on the last day. That way you are never without water overnight. We can work on your home when you are there or away and will always respect your space and privacy.

“We are always very clean and courteous and clean up after ourselves every day on the job.”

All pipes that are located outside of a climate control area (attic, under the house) are insulated, both hot and cold water lines. This ensures that your hot water retains its heat in the winter and that your cold lines don’t freeze.

Everything is installed professionally and up to plumbing standards


If you’re considering a plumbing repipe in Gainesville or North Central Florida, be sure to get a free estimate from us. And remember to ask other companies that you’re considering if they use brass valves, insulate the hot and cold water lines and keep the water on for you during the job. Also ask about the experience and qualifications of the plumbers working on your job and if they clean up their mess after every day on the job site.

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We provide a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Even when the warranty has expired, we always work with customer to find the best solution.

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