5 Ways to Make Your Home’s Plumbing More Eco-Friendly  

Plumbing usually isn’t considered when making moves to make a home eco-friendly, but it really should be high on the list. Good plumbing practices reduce water usage, keep water heating costs down, and save money as well as water. Here are some tips to get started on making your home’s plumbing better for the environment.

Fix All Leaks

Leaky faucets can waste many gallons of water, and toilets are even worse. How much is wasted, of course, depends on the severity of the leak. If the faucet in question is for hot water, you’re also wasting the energy that was used to heat that water. Have all leaky faucets fixed as soon as possible to save money and H2O at the same time.

Consider Efficient Fixtures

Low-flow faucets are standard in new plumbing, but older fixtures use much more water than is actually necessary. Switch to one of the newer models to keep water usage down. Don’t forget to upgrade your toilets, either – modern ones can effectively flush with less than two gallons of water, while old ones may use five or more.

Another option, instead of changing the entire faucet is using aerators and water savers that can possibly be installed on an existing fixture. 

Add a Shower Fixture That You Can Turn Off at the Head

Most people leave their showers running as they soap up because the only way to turn them off is at the faucets. Newer shower systems allow you to turn the water off at the shower head instead, which saves your temperature settings. This makes it easy to turn the shower water off while you’re applying soap or shampoo and turn it back on again when it’s time to rinse.

Avoid Harsh Plumbing Chemicals

Harsh drain cleaners are hard on the environment as well as the drains themselves. Instead of the usual chemicals, use enzymatic versions instead. These use gentle enzymes to break down grease and other biological-type wastes.

Get a High-Efficiency Water Heater

High-efficiency water heaters can save some households up to 30% in energy costs compared to standard models.

For more ideas, or help implementing any of these, just contact us at J.W. Freeman Plumbing in Gainesville, FL. We’ll be glad to help you make your plumbing more eco-friendly – and budget-friendly, too!

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