3 Ways to Keep Winter from Freezing Your Pipes

Even Florida homeowners must sometimes deal with freezing temperatures. It may not happen often, but one good freeze is all it takes to wreak havoc with your plumbing. At J.W. Freeman Plumbing, in Gainesville, we’re ready to help. Here’s what we recommend to help you avoid costly plumbing repairs this coming winter. Most of these tips are simple enough for homeowners to do on their own, but if you need help to winterize your water pipes, our experienced and friendly plumbers are just a phone call away.


This is a super-simple fix, yet it’s one homeowners often forget. If you leave your garden hose attached to your outdoor spigot when it’s filled with water, the water inside can freeze. And once the water inside the hose freezes, the ice can back up inside the spigot and the pipes leading into your home. This can cause pipes to swell and crack. It’s easy to disconnect outdoor hoses, drain them of water, and store them in a shed until all threats of freezing weather have passed. And you can add an extra layer of protection by purchasing an insulated cover for your outdoor spigot or hose bib. Most cost only a few dollars at your home improvement store.


You can buy a heat cable for vulnerable water pipes beginning around $30. The price goes up for longer cables, but the general idea is to attach the electric cable to your most vulnerable water pipes and then plug it in. An interior thermostat sends heat through the cable if your pipe is in danger of freezing, but it shuts off when not needed. This saves electricity and prevents the cable from increasing your electric bill needlessly. Increase the effectiveness of your heat cable by adding a layer of pipe insulation around it.


Cans of spray foam are great tools for insulating areas such as rim joists that let frigid air enter your home. Do a thorough inspection of the holes where pipes and cables come into your home, then use simple spray foam to keep winter temperatures outside and to prevent heat loss. Help stabilize the temperatures in unheated cellars and attics using this method.Using simple tips like these, you can keep your Florida home safe from frozen pipes in extremes of weather. But if you need plumbing help this winter, trust J.W. Freeman Plumbing in Gainesville to find a solution. Since 2008, we’ve cared for your water pipes, toilets, and drains. And we’ll keep on protecting you this winter. Call today to schedule a service visit.

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