Protecting Your Pipes During Freezing Temperatures

Even though we live in North Central Florida, the temperatures do drop below freezing every winter, which can be especially dangerous for your pipes. Conventional wisdom has always told us to leave a drip on the faucet, but depending on your plumbing system, that may not be enough.

Here are some ways you should protect your pipes so, during the next freeze, you can avoid costly repairs.

  • Let It Drip – Not only is moving water harder to freeze, a constant drip means the water in a freezable location is being replaced with water that’s in a more insulated area like underground. That way the temperature of the water doesn’t get to freezing levels. Even a slow drip is fine, and the small increase in cost to your water bill is nothing compared to the costly repair a burst pipe would be. 
  • Get Your Pipes Some Insulation – Any pipes that are on the exterior wall of your home must have insulation. Good plumbers will do this when they install, but if it’s been a while or your plumber didn’t do that, pipe insulation is very affordable and easy to install – it’s the ounce of prevention that will make all the difference. 
  • Cover The Bibbs – Because your hose bibb (sometimes called a spigot or hose faucet)  is outside, you can either start a small drip before the freeze or pick up a cover from any hardware store. The cover acts as insulation over the hose bibb itself to protect against freezing temperatures.
  • Cover the Backflow Preventer – Your backflow preventer is a pipe in your yard, sometimes near the water meter or irrigation system. Simply covering it with a blanket or towel (like you would with plants) will help to protect it during a hard freeze. 
  • Keep the Heat On – Even if you’re away from home on vacation or if a rental property is vacant, set the heat where it will click on occasionally. This will keep the interior pipes at a reasonable temperature.

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