Slow Drains & What to do About Them

Slow drains are an inconvenience. In most cases, that’s all they are–and the problem can be resolved with a little effort on your part. Let’s discuss a few of the potential causes of slow drains and what you should do if you notice this happening in your home.

What Causes Slow Drains?

There are many causes for slow drains. One of the most common is when hair, food, oil, or other debris simply sticks together and narrows a portion of the pipe, often near the drain hole. 

There can be more serious problems that affect your outdoor pipes, such as roots growing into the line too–so if a slow drain affects multiple drains, this may be something to look into.

How to Fix a Slow Drain

First, it is important to note that a single slow drain is a different problem than when ALL your drains are moving slowly. If they are all moving slowly, it is likely something deeper in the lines leading out of your home, so a professional should probably be involved.

If just a single drain is operating slow, first remove any visible hair or gunk from the outside of the drain. If possible, remove the stopper or guard. You can use a tool to see if you can clear any visible blockage, but be cautious inserting anything sharp or pointed into the drain. If your pipes are older, or especially made from copper, you can risk puncturing the pipe and causing more damage. Only remove what you can see. After that, try plunging while water is flowing to use pressure to dislodge any remaining residue.

Chemical drain cleaners can sometimes work to break up deeper hair or oil clogs, but they can be dangerous and may harm certain types of pipes. If you’ve never used them in your home before it may be best to ask your plumber for what type he or she recommends for your specific system.

The reality is that some drainage problems are simply too deep or too big to take care of with a plunger, tool, or a chemical drain cleaner. If your drain is still moving slow, don’t wait for it to completely clog. 

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