Busting the Top 5 Plumbing Myths Once and for All

You’ve probably heard your fair share of Gainesville, FL plumbing advice over the years, but is there really any merit to what you have been told?

Let’s take a look at the top five plumbing myths and whether or not they have any merit.

Busting the Top Five Plumbing Myths Once and for All

Here the top five plumbing myths we’re going to bust today.

1. Disinfecting Wipes and Baby Wipes Are Flushable

This is a myth. Just because something looks flushable and sometimes even if the packaging says it’s flushable, disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, face wipes, and makeup removing wipes should never be flushed.


Because unlike toilet paper, which is the only thing that should ever be flushed, wipes are not biodegradable. That means if you continue to flush wipes, you could end up with a mound of wipes blocking your pipes somewhere down the line.

2. Plungers Are Great for Removing Plumbing Blockages

This is a myth. Using a plunger for plumbing blockages might not be such a great idea.


Because forcing water through a clogged pipe without knowing the true cause of the blockage will likely push the blockage further down the pipe ultimately making the blockage harder to remove.

3. You Can Dump Grease Down the Drain If You Use Hot Water

This is a myth. First of all, you should never put grease of any kind down the drain. When using hot water, the grease might liquefy, but at some point further down the pipes, it will cool and re-solidify. This could result in you having to call a Gainesville, FL plumbing company to completely breakdown your drainage system to remove a solid grease blockage that is mixed with who knows what else.

4. In-Tank Toilet Cleaners Are Safe

This is a myth. Using bleach tablets or any other in-tank toilet cleaning tablets could eventually damage your toilet and corrode the inner workings of the tank. If you want to use a no-fuss toilet cleaner, opt for the kind you hang in the bowl versus those you put into the tank.

5. Using Harsh Chemicals to Clear Clogged Pipes Is Safe

This is a myth. There are plenty of chemical drain cleaners on the market advertising they can unclog your pipe blockage. And many of them do work, but at what cost? Yes, they will clean your drain, but they will do a lot of other damage in the process. Those harsh chemical drain cleaners will unclog your drain, but they will also eat away at your pipes at the same time.

Do you know how expensive replacing corroded pipes can be?

Expensive! Very expensive!

It’s best to contact your local plumbing company in the Gainesville, FL area to professionally clean your clogged drains. This will make sure the job is done right without the risk of damaging your pipes.

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