6 Reasons Why Your Hot Water Isn’t Working


While you may have a sneaking suspicion about why your hot water in Gainesville is out, it’s important not to make any assumptions. The truth is that it’s not always obvious what the problem is. We’ll look at the seven most likely culprits before you jump to conclusions.

Gas/Electrical Problem

If a fuse, circuit, or cord malfunctions, it can be as simple as restoring the power or gas to your water heater. You can also check to see if the safety switch on an electric heater is the troublemaker.

Pilot Light

Pilot lights are often an issue if your water heater is in a damp spot. It typically occurs when there’s a problem with the thermocouple, as this is the mechanism that will keep your pilot light lit.

Gas-to-Air Ratio Problems

If the pilot light is yellow rather than frigid, it may mean that the boiler is releasing carbon monoxide. Make sure that there are no drafts that could be causing the problem before calling a technician for help.

The Weather

Extreme temperatures can cause the water heater to either lose efficiency or die entirely. If you’ve had a cold snap recently, this could be why you’re not getting hot water.

It’s Too Small

A single person may only need a 30-gallon water heater, but a family with multiple children will need closer to 80 gallons. If your household has changed recently, this could explain why it’s not working.

A Faulty Valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve is a type of safety feature that reduces pressure if the temperature in the tank starts to overheat. If it’s leaking, it will need to be replaced immediately.

No matter what the reason, the staff at JW Freeman Plumbing can provide some insight into the situation. If it’s not immediately obvious what’s causing the problem, we can help you diagnose and fix it faster than you think. Just contact us at J.W. Freeman Plumbing in Gainesville, FL. We’ll be glad to help you with your plumbing issues. 

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