10 Toilet Problems You Will Regret Ignoring

A properly functioning toilet is essential for you and your family. When something goes wrong with your toilet, it might be difficult to figure out what to do. Addressing these common problems with the help of J.W. Freeman Plumbing in Gainesville, Florida and throughout the surrounding areas can help to prevent damage and high water bills. Here are 10 toilet issues that should prompt a call to one of our expert plumbing professionals.

1. Running toilet

It can be maddening to deal with a running toilet. If your toilet constantly has water running or cycles off and on, it is important for you to get professional plumbing help so that you don’t waste water and drive up your water bill.

Several problems can cause your toilet to run or to cycle on and off by itself. Sometimes, running toilets have flappers that fail to seal. This problem can cause water from the toilet tank to seep into the toilet bowl. A leaky fill valve can also cause water in a toilet to run. A plumber can help to diagnose the problem and help you to stop your toilet from running.

2. A toilet that rocks back and forth

If you notice that your toilet rocks back and forth when you sit down on it or stand up, you need to fix it. When your toilet moves, it can cause damage to the wax seal around its base. A damaged wax seal can cause leaks that can lead to major repairs. A plumber can replace the seal and fasten your toilet securely to the floor to prevent further problems.

3. Toilet that sweats

If you live in a humid location, you might notice condensation forming on your toilet. Droplets that form on your toilet tank can drop down onto your floor and potentially rot it if it is not addressed. A plumbing professional can help to address the problem of a toilet that excessively sweats. If you need a new toilet, a plumber can install it for you properly.

4. Toilet that bubbles

If you see air bubbles rising up through the water in your toilet bowl other than when you flush it, your toilet may be incorrectly vented or clogged. If you see that the water level in the bowl rises and falls, a venting problem or clog may also be the issue. This is because the toilet’s drain line is trying to draw air. A bubbling toilet often happens when you have a washing machine that is located near to the bathroom.

When water is flushed to go down a drain, it needs air to equalize the drain line’s pressure. This principle is also true for the vent pipe. If your home’s drain lines are not vented properly, the water flowing down the drains will draw water from p-traps that are nearby.

If you only recently noticed the problem, it might be easier to fix. However, a missing or clogged vent pipe can be difficult to fix. A plumber may need to open the walls to look at your drainage system and make the needed repairs.

5. Toilet doesn’t flush properly

If you have a toilet in your master bathroom that doesn’t flush properly, part of the problem may be related to its distance from the rest of the plumbing in your home. Because of this distance, the master bathrooms commonly have separate plumbing vents of their own.

A couple of problems could be behind your toilet’s anemic flushing. It is possible that the plumber who installed your master bathroom’s plumbing forgot to remove a temporary plug that is used to test the pressure of the drain lines. If that is not the issue, you may have a toilet that is defective or that has an obstructed drain line. Call a plumber to diagnose and fix the problem for you.

6. Slow-flushing toilet

A slow-flushing toilet may have mineral deposit clogs in the rinse holes that are located beneath the rim. A plumber is able to clear mineral deposits from the rinse holes so that your toilet will flush more quickly.

7. Clogged toilet

If your toilet is badly clogged and you are unable to clear it, a plumber can help. Plumbers have specialized tools that they can use to remove clogs so that your toilet can function properly again.

8. Foul smells

A toilet that is not properly caulked can trap residue that is left behind from people who use the bathroom, tub water, or mop water. A plumber can fix this issue by properly caulking around the toilet for you.

9. Toilet seat that is loose

If your toilet seat is loose, a plumber can use seat stabilizers and rubber bushings to tighten it up for you. This repair can stop the loosening of the seat with movement.

10. Flush handle that is corroded

If your flush handle is corroded, it can cause your toilet to continue to run. Handles can become corroded, keeping them from working to pull the flap or to drop it down correctly. Removing an old flush handle can be tricky, but a plumber can accomplish the task for you.

If you have one of these problems with your toilet, getting help from an experienced plumber is important. You might be wondering, “Where can I find an experienced plumber near me?” The plumbing professionals at J.W. Freeman Plumbing help people with their plumbing problems throughout Alachua County. They are able to diagnose what is happening with your toilet in and to quickly fix the problem for you. Call J.W. Freeman Plumbing today at (352) 316-3229.

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