10 Silent Signs Your House May Have a Major Plumbing Problem

Do you know the signs of a bad plumbing system? Our experienced plumbers in Gainesville want you to know the top 10 signs of a major plumbing problem so that you know when it’s time to call a plumber near you.

1. Your House Stinks.

If you wake up in the morning or get home in the evening and smell a foul smell in your home, like rotten eggs, human excrement or sulfur, you may have a major plumbing problem in Gainesville. These are signs of sewer gas seeping into your home, which is harmful to human health if it is inhaled for an extended period of time. The smell of rotten eggs is also indicative of a gas leak. In order to determine the source of the smell, you’ll need to call our plumbers so that they can come out, diagnose the problem and repair it.

2. Your Water Is Discolored.

If you turn on the faucets in your home and see yellow, green or brown water, your pipes may be seriously corroded and about to leak or burst. Having yellow or brown water can be the result of rust in your water pipes. Having green-colored water indicated excessive corrosion in copper water pipes.

3. You Have Multiple Drains that Are Slow.

One slow drain isn’t usually a problem. This can indicate a hair clog, especially if the slow drain is a bathtub or shower, but having multiple slow drains usually indicates that you have a partially blocked sewer line that needs to be cleaned out.

4. Your Plumbing Pipes Are Showing Signs of Wear.

Most homeowners don’t regularly look under their sinks and check the visible pipes in their basements, if they have a basement, but all homeowners should visually inspect all the water pipes they can see at least twice a year for discoloration. Copper water pipes that have white or green discoloration, especially around joints and seams are corroded and slowly leaking. Cast iron and galvanized steel pipes that show red patches are rusting and about to burst.

5. You Have Low Water Pressure.

Homewide low water pressure can indicate a problem with the municipal water supply, or it can indicate that you have a leak on your water main. If your home’s low water pressure is occurring alongside a high water bill, discolored water or signs of damage on your walls, it’s time to call our plumbers in Gainesville in order to find the causes of your low water pressure and fix the problem.

6. You See Discoloration and/or Deteriorating Paint or Wallpaper.

Most water leaks don’t result in a sudden gush of water. Instead, they are usually slow leaks that allow water to drip constantly onto other surfaces. If you see dark rings and/or yellow, black or brown spots on your ceilings or walls, you probably have a water leak. Other signs of a hidden water leak behind a wall include peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper.

7. You Have an Unexplained Puddle in Your Yard.

If you haven’t had any recent rain and notice a puddle, soft spot or sunken spot in your yard, it usually indicates that your sewer pipe has partially or completely collapsed. In this instance, you will have to have your sewer pipe replaced by one of our professional plumbers in Gainesville.

8. Your Water Meter Is Running for No Apparent Reason.

When no water is flowing in your home, your water meter’s needle or digital output should not be moving or changing numbers. If you’re home alone with all the water fixtures and water-using appliances off and you check your water meter to see that it is running, you have a water leak somewhere in your system and should call a plumber to locate and repair the leak.

9. Your Carpet or Floor Is Wet or Sagging.

If no one has spilled any water on your floors or taken a shower recently and you notice wet spots in your carpet or that your floor is sagging, it usually means you have a slab leak. In homes with concrete slab foundations, the water pipes and drain lines run under and through the slab. If one of those pipes is leaking, the concrete wicks up the water and deposits it on your floors from beneath your home. This can lead to mold, mildew and extensive flooring damage. If the leak goes on long enough, it can even damage your home’s foundation.

10. Your Water Bills Have Inexplicably Increased.

If your month to month water bills are increasing exponentially, and you haven’t changed your water usage, you probably have a leak somewhere in your system. In this instance, it is best to call our plumbers in Gainesville so that they can come out to your home and check for any leaks that may be causing an increase in your water bills.

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