What To Do If Your Main Waterline Breaks

The water in your home comes through your main waterline from a local water source. When this waterline breaks, you can expect it to affect your home’s water until it’s repaired. Knowing why this might happen, what to watch for, and what to do about main waterline breaks can help you jump into action if it happens.

Causes of Main Waterline Breaks

Main water lines can break due to wear and tear, human error, changes in the surrounding soil, or temperature fluctuations. Although these pipes are designed to be sturdy, some are prone to developing corrosion over time. Corrosion can weaken or damage these pipes, resulting in a break. Construction accidents or other human errors can also lead to main waterline breaks, such as when heavy machinery or equipment damages these pipes. Soil erosion can cause main waterlines to shift position, which can lead to breaks. Extreme cold or hot temperatures can also cause main waterline breaks to occur.

Signs of a Main Waterline Break

How can you tell if you have a main waterline break? You might see water pouring out onto the ground near the pipe, but these breaks aren’t always easy to spot. You might have a main waterline break if the water pressure throughout your home drops. When you turn faucets on or use other fixtures, you’ll notice water flowing slowly or barely coming out at all. Other signs of a main waterline break include discolored water, hissing sounds coming from fixtures, or puddles of water in your yard or inside your home.

What to Do About a Main Waterline Break

If you have any signs of a main waterline break, it’s important to have it repaired promptly. Depending on where the break occurs, either the city or you as the homeowner will be responsible for fixing it. You can contact your water provider, and tell them about the leak. They will assess if it’s your issue, or theirs and can shut off the water if there is an urgent need. Have professional plumbers handle a main waterline break if you’re responsible for it. In the meantime, you should limit your water usage and follow any local orders to boil water. When your main waterline is fixed, flush your pipes before using water for showering or bathing, brushing your teeth, drinking, doing laundry, or washing dishes.

If you have plumbing concerns after a main waterline break, contact J.W. Freeman Plumbing. We offer dependable plumbing services for homeowners in the Gainesville area, so you can count on timely repairs.

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