Three Ways to Fix A Clogged Toilet

It’s never a good sign when you go to flush a toilet and the water won’t go down. Whether it’s waste, some sort of object that was flushed, or even just a lot of toilet paper, toilets clog from time to time. The good news is that most clogs are easy DIY fixes, so don’t dial your plumber up just yet. Instead, refer to these three tips for how to troubleshoot a clogged toilet. Here’s a closer look:

3 Ways to Fix a Clogged Toilet

Reach for Your Plunger

Plungers use the force of water to dislodge any clogs in the toilet and should be a staple in your household. They’re also very easy to use as well. Just insert the plunger until it’s submerged in toilet water and ensure it’s covering the toilet trap. Then, gently start pushing it down so that you’re forcing water into the toilet trap to dislodge the clog. Some clogs may take more effort than others to dislodge, so be patient if you can’t get it taken care of right away.

Snake it

If you’re not having any success with your plunger, a toilet snake is your next best option. Unlike a plunger, which works to dislodge a clog, a snake will work to break it up into smaller pieces so that it can be easily flushed. Insert the snake into the toilet trap until it reaches the clog, then begin turning the handle to break it up. Always be sure to use a toilet snake and not a coat hanger or something that could risk scratching your toilet.

Soap and Water

Scoop out water from the toilet bowl and then grab a gallon of hot water and dish soap. Administer the dish soap into the toilet bowl, pour the hot water in, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Soap and hot water can help break down clogs, and this solution won’t damage your plumbing the way other solutions can. Just be sure that the water you’re using isn’t too hot, or you may risk damage to the toilet.

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