Three New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Plumbing

While the New Year is always symbolic of a fresh start, we’d encourage you to adopt a different types of resolutions this year. To kick 2021 off on the right foot, why not commit to doing better by your plumbing. Doing so can save you money and ensure your plumbing is working better for longer. Here’s a look at three New Year’s plumbing resolutions:

3 New Years Plumbing Resolutions

1. Schedule Annual Inspections

Much like an annual roof inspection, health physical or vehicle tune-up, scheduling an annual plumbing inspection with a trusted plumber can help catch small issues before they become major, expensive ones. Think of it as preventative maintenance, as the plumber will check out pipes, clear any drain blockages, flush water heaters and listen to any other plumbing concerns that you might have, taking action when appropriate. It’s a minimal investment that often more than pays for itself in time.

2. Conserve More Water

Making it a goal to conserve more water isn’t just good for the environment, but good for your wallet as well. There are several simple ways you can conserve water. These include not blasting it from faucets, turning it off as you brush your teeth, making sure dripping faucets are fixed or replaced promptly, and taking shorter showers. You may also want to consider investing in low-flow shower heads, and more water-efficient toilets and faucets as well. Make this a goal and you’ll use – and pay for – less water.

3. Practice Good Drain, Toilet Habits

One way to maintain the overall health and wellbeing of your plumbing is to take good care of it. This means you should only be flushing two things down the toilet: waste and toilet paper. Don’t flush feminine hygiene products, tissues, flushable wipes or anything other than those two things. If you do, you’re likely to have clogs and potential toilet backups in your future. On a similar note, be careful what you put down the kitchen drain. The likes of oils and grease can harden in pipes over time, creating blockages that often have to be professionally cleared. Practice good drain and toilet habits and you’ll likely save money in plumber house calls each year.

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