How Our Team Can Help You Install A Shower Kit

Installing a shower kit is not for the faint of heart. Not only are there many individual parts with specific usage requirements, you also have to consider the overall environment that your shower kit will be connected to. Is your new shower kit compatible with older plumbing? Will the room structure need to be modified? Will any specialized tools or adapters be required to finish the job?

Luckily the professionals at J.W. Freeman Plumbing have all the experience you need to be sure that your shower kit fits tight, works right, and gives you years of worry-free performance. Here’s how our experts can help you have the best possible shower kit experience.

Shower Kit Selection

Before the installation process even begins, we can provide valuable advice on finding the right shower kit for your situation. After all, every bathroom is unique and presents its own shower kit challenges. We’ll take your space, structure, and plumbing limitations into account and advise you on the best possible shower kit for you.

Proper Installation

A shower kit is a complex system and when even one component is installed improperly, the damage can be significant. Our guide to plumbing your bathroom will give you a quick overview of the basics, but if that seems like too much, we have the experience to ensure that every pipe is placed perfectly and that every fitting is secure and leak-free. 

Fast Completion

We understand the disruption an out-of-commission shower can cause. And we understand how the time invested in a shower kit installation can balloon beyond your expectations… without proper experience that is. We have the skills and the tools required to get this job done fast so you can return to your routine as quickly as possible. 

Future Headache Prevention

Let’s face it, you never know the health of your plumbing system until you get a good look at it. We know where to look for hidden problems to identify them early and save you headaches down the road. Not only can you rest easy due to our careful and experienced installation, but you can also rest assured that we have looked beyond the current job and tested all connection points to your new shower kit. We don’t think of it as “just” installing a shower kit. We think of it as making a permanent addition to your plumbing system. 

On-Going Support

Speaking of resting easy… Once we have installed your shower kit, you get the added security of knowing that we know everything about it. The support and ongoing maintenance we can provide become doubly valuable because it is tailored to your specific installation. If a problem does arise, you won’t be left with vague, generalized advice, you’ll get a plan of action that can only come from hands-on experience with your shower kit. 

Ready to Install That New Shower Kit?

We’ve been answering questions about bathrooms and household plumbing since 2008. Whether you’re just starting out or you are well into the process, contact us today and give us the chance to help you install your shower kit. We’ll help you bring your new shower dreams to life!

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