5 Plumbing Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

The holidays are stressful enough without tossing in a plumbing emergency. To keep your Christmas merry and bright this year, use these five plumbing tips for a stress-free Christmas. They’ll keep clogs away and toilets flushing smoothly, regardless of how many elves are staying over.

1. Make a Grease Receptacle

You’ll likely cook more during the holidays than you would normally, and where there are vegetables sauteing, there’s left-over grease. If you pour it down your sink drain or garbage disposal, you’re risking a tough clog. Instead, keep metal coffee or soup cans on hand. Pour extra grease into a can, allow it to cool, and then toss it out with the trash. If you anticipate vast amounts of grease, such as that needed to deep fry a turkey, check with your local recycling center for advice.

2. Flush Frequently

Holiday guests mean more stress on toilets and drains. Don’t be afraid to give the toilet an extra flush now and again in passing. This will help you avoid unnecessary clogs by sending more water down the sewer drain to release lingering debris. Also keep an eye on what goes down your toilet. Baby wipes are huge no. So are feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and cat litter. Even though these products may say they’re safe for flushing, don’t risk it. It’s not worth a tough clog when you need your toilets the most.

3. Cover Outdoor Faucets

Make or buy covers for outdoor faucets and exposed pipe. While Florida winters are usually mild compared to those farther north, you could still suffer the occasional frosty temperatures. By covering outdoor plumbing, you’ll reduce the risk of frozen pipes — just what you don’t need when the in-laws are en route.

4. Switch to Single-Ply Toilet Paper

The holidays may also be a good time to switch to single-ply toilet paper temporarily, especially if you’ll have multiple house guests. Single-ply will flush easier and clog less under heavy use. This could prevent smelly backups that require the festive services of a holiday plumber.

5. Pump Out the Septic Tank

If it’s been more than three years since you’ve scheduled it, have the septic tank pumped before guests arrive. Most septic tanks require routine pumping out, flushing, and rinsing for them to work as intended. Otherwise, they fill up and may cause a smelly, inconvenient backup inside the house. And there’s no quicker way to ruin a merry Christmas than by flushing the toilet and watching sludge bubble up in the bathtub.

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