5 Plumbing Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Contrary to what you may initially think, plumbing has the potential to be a fairly dangerous profession at times. And if you’re ever doing some DIY plumbing work around your home, you could very well face such a situation. On this note, we’ve put together a handful of plumbing tips that everyone should know. Here’s a closer look:

When to Wear the Right PPE

Plumbing has the potential to be a dangerous job. That’s why you should always make sure that you’re wearing eye protection and gloves when you’re working on any type of fix. Non-slip shoes are also essential. If there’s a lot of noise involved, you should also consider protecting your ears.

Beware of Electricity

While many people associate plumbing problems with the bathroom, the truth is that pipes run throughout the entire home. And depending on where the leak is, there could be water near electrical wires. Water and electricity obviously are not friends. Make sure to proceed with caution on fixes such as this or consider shutting off the power and/or water in your home before doing this type of work to eliminate the potential for danger.

Know How to Use Tools

Plumbers use a lot more than just plungers and drain snakes. They may use wrenches, hand saws and more. You should never attempt to use any type of tool unless you know what it’s intended for and how to use it.

Be Weary of What You Put Down the Drain

While there are obvious objects you should refrain from flushing down the toilet, refrain from pouring any type of chemical down the drain. Not only can they damage plumbing, but they’re also often very hazardous in nature and have the potential to make you sick if they’re inhaled.

Know How to Shut Off the Water in an Emergency

Every member of the household should know how to shut off the home’s main water supply. And while hopefully you don’t ever have to act on this, doing so can greatly reduce damage in the event of an overflowing toilet or burst pipe. The main shutoff valve is typically in your home’s basement or crawl space. Make sure you can find it now in case you have to find it later.

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