5 of the Craziest Things Found in Clogged Drains

From hair to the occasional cotton swab, some everyday things are bound to get down into a drain and cause problems. The majority of plumber calls do tend to have something to do with a clogged toilet or drain. While pretty much everyone is guilty of flushing or washing something down a drain that really shouldn’t be anywhere near your pipes, sometimes, the items found in drains are a little … strange.

We’ve collected some pretty crazy things from drains over the years here at J.W. Freeman Plumbing, and we’re always happy to show up and dig out whatever may be lurking in your pipes. From the slightly unusual to the all-out head-scratchers, here’s a list of the craziest things found in clogged drains.

1. Cash

Ever heard of throwing money down the drain? You probably have, but also probably never took the figurative statement as something people literally do. Yet, somehow, money seems to find its way down into septic tanks, sink drains, and especially floor drains all the time. Coins are pretty common, but every time we’ve pulled out not-so-crispy bills, it always takes us by surprise.

2. Building Blocks

You’ve probably stepped on a few if you have children and threatened to throw them away, but most people wouldn’t dream of flushing building blocks down the toilet. Seems as though these toys manage to wreak havoc on septic systems pretty often just the same. Unfortunately, solid plastic usually gets wedged within a line and no amount of plunging helps.

3. Animals

Rats, mice, squirrels, snakes, lizards—what do these animals have in common? They all seem to fancy drainage lines for whatever reason. While you can work hard to avoid big plumbing mistakes and try to keep drains healthy, you can’t always control nature. Many work their way into drains from inside the house, and some burrow their bodies into deteriorating drain lines outside. In either case, you can end up with a frustrating problem with drainage flow.

4. Cellphones

Cellphones are some of the most commonly reported items that homeowners actually realize they’ve lost down their toilet drain. If you ever take a tip from a plumber about habits to kick that seem to have nothing to do with plumbing, please take this one: Don’t leave your phone in your back pocket or coat pocket before taking a seat on the porcelain throne. These solid, rectangular objects are just large enough to completely block some sewer lines.

5. False Teeth

We don’t understand how it happens either, but people seem to lose their dentures down the toilet on occasion. The whole idea conjures up images of some poor soul blissfully emptying their bladder, half-awake in the morning when their dentures pop out with a yawn. I guess the poor soul also flushes before they realize something has changed.

Whatever it is that may be clogging your drains, believe us when we say we’ve seen just about everything, so don’t be shy about sharing what you suspect may be causing a problem. Reach out to us at J.W. Freeman Plumbing in Gainesville, FL so we can help you out.

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