5 Essential Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Any good homeowner knows their limits. That is, they know what home improvements or repairs they can handle themselves and when they should call in a professional. Plumbing is no exception, and when it’s done incorrectly, it can lead to dire consequences that may include home water damage and mold growth. But there are some plumbing tasks that can be completed fairly easily by homeowners. Here’s a look at five tips every homeowner should know:

5 Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

1. Know Where Your Water Main is Located

The water main controls all the water coming into your home. It’s typically found in the basement, crawlspace, or the side of your home. If there’s ever an issue and you need to cut off water to your home, you’ll need to access this quickly.

2. How to Unclog Drains

Every home is bound to have a clogged shower and sink drains over time. But you don’t want to pour any liquid drain cleaners down them to clear hair or other debris. That’s because, over time, these products can cause damage to pipes. Instead, opt for a sink plunger, drain snake, or tool that can help pull up and remove hair and debris.

3. What to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals aren’t meant to demolish everything. In fact, you absolutely don’t want to pour grease, fats, oils, or bones down it. Doing so can damage the disposal and potentially your pipes.

4. Know Your Water-Based Appliances

Any appliance that uses water in your home has the potential to be trouble. Make sure you do regular checkups on the dishwasher, sinks, icemaker, toilets, washing machine hose, and more to ensure that they are running well and aren’t showing any signs of leaking. If there is a problem, make sure you know how to shut off the water to each device until it can be fixed.

5. Know When to Call a Professional

Like we said before, all good homeowners know when a task is too much for them. And if some simple troubleshooting can’t resolve a plumbing issue, then it’s likely an issue that’s best left to a professional.

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